To wear dreams on one’s feet is to begin to give a reality to one’s dreams

Having an edge in the souk of vogue is sought by all. However, very rare does anybody strike a perfect balance between comfort and style. Allonsi and its wide range of classic fused with contemporary hand-sewn shoes carry the legacy of the ancient rudiments of style.

Where quality and comfort are our cornerstones; durability, resilience, elasticity, class, grace, and elegance stand synonymous to our name, with Allonsi we have envisioned to create a space that reflects multifaceted attributes of fashion and comfort.

Aestheticlly Designed

Matching the up-beat fashion trend is what that keeps the momentum going. Allonsi’s fashion oriented ideology is reflected in its design and make. Our every shoe speaks volume about our deep-rooted philosophy encapsulating our vision of creating versatile and comfortable shoes for young and old alike. Therefore, when accompanied by Allonsi, you’ll discover your new self every day!.


With diligent team of artesian and designers, we aim re-define the definition of hand-sewn shoes. The team believes that a yardstick could only be accomplished when the knowledge of relic is fused with the style of contemporary. Our every product bears a unique name which reflects the ideology that worked behind making it an exclusive shoe in itself. The art of shoemaking is a lineage that has been endowed upon is by our forefathers which cannot be sustained only on mechanical representation of art.

Fairly Priced

Acting as a circadian fulcrum between the buyers and makers, we foster a healthy balance to quench the needs of both. We ensure producers, suppliers, and buyers get utmost benefit in terms of fair trade wages, healthy working environment, and cost effective buying. With our direct selling approach, we have cut down the add-on cost of middlemen, further cutting down the cost incurred. Thus, selling the product worthwhile.