Every scratch and mark tells how far we have come in our journey, the steps taken, and the roads explored. However, the shine and finish of the shoe shows how we have tread our way. With proper care and maintenance, your Allonsi’s shoe can last longer.

Make it Shine

Sometimes all you need is a little buff to make your shoe shine again. This factor depends upon how often we wear it. If you find any traces of cracks or dryness on the surface of your leather shoe, it means it is time for you to moisturize it. Just as water is required to keep your skin hydrated, proper nourishment is required for keeping intact the smoothness and shine of your shoe. First, clean it with a cotton cloth, and then scrub it gently with Saddle soap. Thereafter, apply leather wax or leather oil to nourish it. At last, buff your shoe to give it a shine.

Wear it again and flaunt it as if it’s new!

Weather Proofing

How to protect your shoe during extreme weather conditions is the most sought question. Owing to the weather conditions, we need to know about the extra waterproofing protection that is required. Using inorganic protectors might cause variation in colour of the shoe and might also make leather unbreathable.
Therefore, you need to have a product that will not only be a barrier to the uncertain situations but will also not harm the leather. Commonly, it is applied twice a year but it may vary depending upon how often you wear it.


Wet or damp shoes can be wiped with neat cotton cloth and should be dried under the shade or in open space.

Keeping it under the direct sunlight or by drying it with dryer or any other heat source might make the leather stiff and brittle. Let you shoe take its own time!

5 Quickies to keep your shoe protected:

  1. Before applying any nourishment, clean your shoe with a slightly wet sponge and let it dry.
  2. Do not overuse your shoe. Rotate it with other shoes to let the leather breathe.
  3. Use shoe tree to keep your shoe in optimum shape.
  4. Always use shoe horn to keep your shoe away from any mishap or damage. It will also provide you better comfort and pleasure.
  5. Nourish and buff it quite often to keep the leather hydrated.