Gaetan Plain Toe Ankle Boots

$145.00 CAD
$145.00 CAD
AllonsiÕs boot style Gaetan is meant for casual and retreat wear. Rugged and well refined leather suffices the requirements need to be fulfilled on hard day. Soft sheepskin lining provides cushion comfort to the bushed...
Color: Black
Size: US 9
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Gaetan Plain Toe Ankle Boots

Gaetan Plain Toe Ankle Boots


Gaetan Plain Toe Ankle Boots

Color: Black
Size: US 9
AllonsiÕs boot style Gaetan is meant for casual and retreat wear. Rugged and well refined leather suffices the requirements need to be fulfilled on hard day. Soft sheepskin lining provides cushion comfort to the bushed feet.
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Every scratch and mark tells how far we have come in our journey, the steps taken, and the roads explored. However, the shine and finish of the shoe shows how we have tread our way. With proper care and maintenance, your Allonsi’s shoe can last longer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Nice Looking Boot, Great Comfort

My husband needed a good work boot that still looked nice! The zipper on the inside makes it easy to get on and off. Also, the comfort level is high! He gets complements on the all the time.

Great for rugged terrain, I recommend getting waterproofing

These are genuine leather boots, and do look stylish, but they do not come waterproofed. It is simple to get them professionally waterproofed, and it makes all the difference. These shoes are meant to last, and so far in Autumn and Winter they are doing well in NY!

No BS Reviews
Great boots. Great leather.

I've had a chance to use these boots for several weeks now. To start with when I opened the box I was immediately hit with the new leather smell that I love. So that was already a good sign. The boots look really good. I took a photo of them for you so you can see a non advertising pic of them. I'm really happy with the look. The soles on these boots are super grippy. Even on my glossy oak wood floor they grip like glue. The zipper is on the inside of the boot rather than the outside. This makes them much easier to zip up. I think all boots with a zipper should be made this way. Mine are size 11 and fit like I expect size 11 to fit. I've had the chance to walk many miles in them now and they are very comfortable. My feet don't get fatigued in them and there are no hot spots that rub. I really have nothing negative to say about them. I really like these boots. Over all I would easily recommend them to friends and family.

Garrett Zecker
Gorgeous shoes that feel dressy and solid

These are a beautiful, solid pair of genuine shoes with a series of features that absolutely destroy the competition but also require some consideration when making your purchase. The main thing I want to communicate in my review is that these are really, really nice shoes. And I am a writer and teacher of writing – so my shoes need to be dressy and functional as I am generally on my feet all day when I am in my classroom. Think, doc martens with a shirt and tie. I need shoes that are incredibly functional and comfortable for long days, but are dressy and smart. These are definitely these shoes.Now, the description of these shoes use words such as “combat boots,” but I would not categorize them as combat boots, nor would I feel comfortable wearing them regularly in the winters of New England.These are functional dressy shoes. They even come in silk bags and a branded shoehorn – amazing. But they can only be worn with dress socks at my size (13), and the way the sheen and execution on the leather behaves is certainly a high-topped, well-made shoe that I would primarily wear to work meetings, school board hearings, and the like. That is not a diss – these are very, VERY nice shoes, that might not be marketed entirely correctly. In fact, my big feet barely fit in them in a good way – the good way fine Italian leather and perfect cobblery does. But they definitely aren’t wide enough and supple enough for strenuous activity, nor would you want to do that with them.They feature a gorgeous construction with elastic binding in the right places for movement and on-and-off. There is a zipper down the interior side that is additional support to the perfectly constructed laces. The cut and contour of the shoe is brilliant, and my secondary gripe is that the images of the shoes seem to suggest that the soles are sewn – but mine appear to be mold-formed with stitching embellishments in the rubber. In other words, again, not like Doc Martens handmade stitched quality... In fact, this might even border on false advertising unless my stitching was galvanized over the stitching the pictures depict.Regardless, I am extremely happy with these shoes. They are beautiful, comfortable, and functional. They are well worth the price point of just over a hundred dollars as of this writing. In fact, at $99, they would be a steal. Ultimately, after several weeks of wearing them, I am very happy with these shoes. it is important to note that I am also a little hesitant to recognize that some of the advertising copy and images do not accurately depict the final product. They are excellent dress boots, and I would definitely order at least once size up.

Bass Cadet
Very Nice Boots

These are nice, dressy boots well suited for the office. The construction is high quality with soft leather outer and inner surfaces. I particularly like the side zippers and they almost make it effortless to put on these boots. The included shoe horn is a nice thought although I have an excellent long handled metal shoe horn I prefer. I think the style works well for business to business casual dress.I will say that the soles on my boots were not to the same high standard as the rest of the boots. The sides of the soles were sticky and appeared to be less well finished. Also, although these are "motorcycle-inspired", they are not the best for actual motorcycle riding. The heels seem a little off and they are not as easy to operate pedals as other boots.

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